Introduction: Setting Up The Course

If you want to analyze your race, there needs to be a race course and at least one start. The course setup is crowdsourced, so only one person in the regatta needs to set it up, and everyone will be able to see the course in their replay. This three minute tutorial walks you through the basic steps of setting up the start times, starting line, and race course in the raceqQs 3D replays.

Regatta Setup Part 2: Multiple Starts and Multiple Divisions

In larger regattas, there are usually multiple classes. Once you define a starting line and start time for each class, raceQs uses the GPS data to automatically divide up the classes. Watch this three minute tutorial to learn how to setup all the divisions in your regatta. Once the regatta is setup, the course is crowdsourced and will appear for everyone.

Regatta Setup Part 3: Tips and Tricks

Learn how to find the start time, and start line, by watching the fleet. you can use this same technique to locate marks. Boats are included in a fleet if they : 1) Cross the start line before the next start 2) If there is only one start, cross the start line within 10 minutes. 3) In a pursuit race, boats have two hours to cross the start line. In all cases, boats must round all of the marks and cross the finish line to be included in the fleet. Lastly, we demo using a "gate", instead of "mark", when rounding a land mass.