Segment a Journey into short clips

When reviewing your 3D race replay, it's helpful to be able to highlight certain moments in the race, such as mark rounding. Watch this demo on segmenting your race into short clips for easy viewing and discussion with your crew.

Phone App: A Step-By-Step Guide

Quick Guide to the Phone App.

Tutorial: Phone App, Dropping marks (cc)

Drop placeholder marks in the phone app.

raceQs Phone App: GPS Track Management

In early 2015, a new feature was released for the raceQs' sailing phone app. Now, you can manage, upload, and even replay your tracks right on your phone..

App Walk-through

Advanced Features of the Phone App.

Quick Tip: Record more when you attach your phone to the boat

Mount your phone on your boat and the app will automatically record Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

Creating a Free Account on

Create a free account to view your animated 3D replays and keep up with your sailing friends.