Our Company

RaceQs is a privately funded sports technology startup, based in Silicon Valley.

Our mission is to help people of all levels improve their sailing performance, whether you are competing in the America's Cup, or drag-racing your neighbor in homemade dinghies. We succeed if you keep improving and we fail if you have failed. RaceQs' sailing system is a collaboration of the vision and feedback of hundreds of sailors.

Why It Works


To sail fast, we must learn from our mistakes and gain experience. We think that the real fun of sailboat racing is in consistent performance improvement, beating the competition and winning regattas. The beauty of this sport is that you can always get better — and victory is the ultimate fun.

Boat owners spend thousands of dollars each year on new sails, electronics and boat improvements in their search for that elusive extra tenth of a knot of boat speed. But, they often neglect to address the most critical factors: efficient boat handling, winning tactics, and cohesive crew work.

RaceQs is a set of technology products designed to improve on the “human factor”, while sharing the joy of sailboat racing among the crew, club mates and competitors.


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