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    I used the app in a recent multi-race day and am looking for help on how best to setup the replays.  I tried saving and uploading tracks in between races and also stopping the recording and then hitting continue recording.  There seem to be several issues with setting up the race course for the replay.  I can’t remember everything I was trying to do but at least the first issue below discusses one problem.  Can I edit the track somewhere to create a true end of race to allow a new race course for the second part of the track?  Also, if I forget to end the track and cature all the sail data on the way back to the dock, can this be cut from the track data?


    1) You can create a second start line after finishing the first race especially when the move the course but you cannot add the second start line to the race course.  It changes the finish line expecting you to be still racing?


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    There is no need to start and stop the app between the races.  The app operates in “set-it-and-forget-it” mode.   You have much more important things to do on the race than think about the phone app.  As you got the full track from the race you can segment it in your journal. The segmentation is optional and the course set up will work without it.

    Here is the video tutorial on segmentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTBJgcjFN3k

    Watch other related to this subject tutorials:




    When a race goes over multiple laps, I guess I have to set up the course for each lap, ie if it is Start-2-1-7-4-6-8-Gate/Finish it would actually be Start-2-1-7-4-6-8-Gate-2-1-7-4-6-8-Gate-2-1-7-4-6-8-Finish if it is three laps?


    Hi Oliver,

    I have the same issue as you, it will affect anyone running multi-lap regattas particularly where there is a combined start finish line.

    Currently after the first pass through the start finish line no further race analysis of tacks or gybes is possible. I am guessing that maximum speeds and other data will also be restricted to the first lap performance only.

    I believe the solution is an enhancement which enables the finish time to be set when adding the finish line or a combined start/finish line. i.e similar to setting the start.

    My workaround is to split the combined start/finish line used for the actual race and create “fake” RaceQs finish line across the beach, well away from the actual finish. Boats returning to shore after racing will cross this line and trigger the finish. This makes analysis of the final leg a bit pointless which is a shame as its the finish! but at least you can analyse tacks and gybes for all the preceding laps and see the Ts and Js in the timeline.

    There are plenty of requests for “nice to have’s” but there can be few things as important in a regatta as getting the start and finish in the correct place so I hope this requirement can be catered for in some way.


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