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    Does anyone have experience with Garmin Vivoactive HR? I have installed the app on the watch, I am following the steps in the user guide, but after acquiring GPS signal at the timer screen, there is no swipe down available on the watch, as indicated in the guide!?! How to go further?

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    Hi Alan,
    Is there a way to bypass (do NOT show) the yellow tack analysis screen? On an Olympic class real regatta, not a training I mean, there is no time nor a third hand to close the screen, and speed and course are actually more important than the tack analysis. The yellow screen takes too long to close itself.


    Alan has sorted the problem. I have now managed to login and the app appears to be working.

    Thank You Alan


    Hi Alan,


    After a very long time, here is the error message from the log file:


    ERROR: Out Of Memory Error
    DETAILS: Failed invoking <symbol>
    STORE_ID: d76bf3e20924470eb86b62f372ecc0ae
    @PC = 0x10009f3b
    @PC = 0x1000782f


    Any ideas on how to solve it?


    Hi Mike,
    No, unfortunately there is no facility for you to bypass it.

    We have recognised that it might be a problem, and  have a fix in place, however we won’t be releasing it until the next firmware revision as we also have a bunch of additional enhancements  which require the new firmware version.This is indicated to be before Christmas, but Garmin’s forecasts are a bit fluid!

    And yes, it looks like we’ll be back supporting raceQs on Garmin, not only the Vivoactive-HR, but also on the Fenix5/Quatix5 range and Forerunner recent models, but not the Vivoactive-3 at present.


    Good news! Thank you!!!


    As a suggestion, in my opinion raceQs as it is today, is an amazing tool for a tactician onboard Ocean classes regatta. For Olympic classes, beside GPS start assist, absolutely perfect, once crossed the start line, there are too many information to be useful. The main race dashboard, and the lay line advisory is more than enough. Maybe a light version could be desirable for Olympic classes, when crew timing is crucial and there is no time for nothing more than sail aggressively. Again just a suggestion.


    Hi, I  just got Vivoactive HR to use this app, but it will not install. It says I need to update the firmware on the watch, I have done this, and the firmware version is 4.40 (current), but still have the error.



    Try restarting your watch – long press on both buttons. and also restart your phone.



    Restarted the phone and the watch, no luck. The actual message is “This app requires an update of your vivoactive HR. Please use Garmin Express to update your vivoactive HR.”


    AARRRGGGHH! (Ask Garmin!) I don’t know… sorry, It works fine for me.



    It was Garmin’s fault, I tried to add another app and got the same error, so I tried Settings>System>Restore Defaults, which I think is close to a Factory Reset, and that did it



    Glad you fixed it. I’ll remember the fix next time someone gets stuck.



    Hi guys!

    100% that the app is a fantastic tool for sailors, thanks a lot.

    I’ve got the same error (IQ!) on my Garmin Vivoactive 3 after approx 1 hour of sailing. But the good thing is that the VA3 continued saving the track (separated files before and after the error) so I was able to download the track consisted of a few parts and it worked well.

    My question is if its possible to save the starting time on the track. I could be wrong but my track didnt save the starting time even though I used QS Start and then switched to QS Race after the start.

    Thanks in advance and enjoy your sailing!

    Look forward to your reply.

    BR, Andrey


    Sorry Jonathan, a bit slow to access your post. Are you still stuck?



    Hello Sergey and Alan,

    I got the Vivoactive 3 (music model for better bluetooth) the other day, and tried it out on the race yesterday. Excellent start. Gave me interesting information for the whole race, though that was only 1:30 – short course yesterday. Well done! I’m looking forward to getting comfortable with the app.

    I have a couple of questions/enhancement requests.

    1. When I want to upload a set of marks I have to wait for GPS. But generally we prepare the sailing marks file inside and upload to the website inside. It’s a little strange to have to go outside to get GPS and load the marks there.

    2. In many cases (Sequoia is an example) the Start/Finish lines (“RCB” and “PIN”) are known well beforehand, and published. Can we get some reserved mark names that will allow us to upload the “RCB” and “PIN” positions in the gpx file? While you’re at it, how about some names for the finish line when that’s in a different place (as Sequoia is doing this summer)?

    3. Can you give us a sample gpx file for the case “Where the marks of the course and the courses are defined in the Notice Of Race (NoR) or Sailing Instructions (SI) .” as you say in the manual.

    4. The other day I was talking to the RCB captain after the Wespoint Regatta. He told me several people nearly drove onto their back deck and scared the s**t out of the civilians on board for fun. I’m guessing they were using the app to set the start line :-). Can you add one step. Normally we will sail down (or up – from whichever side we approached) the start line. But because it’s either a fixed object, or full of guests who don’t take well to huge sailboats bearing down on them, we sail along the line with some offset like a half boat length. Two requests: Can you allow us to set the start line by pressing either of RCB or PIN first, and then telling the app the start line is X meters windward of the line I just entered. I’m sure RCB guests will be happier, and we’ll have fewer scratches on our hulls.


    Andrew Cole (Drop Beer)

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