This short podcast uses raceQs GeoVids to explore ways to avoid hitting the mark, and how to recover from this common mistake.  GeoVids are videos that are synced with raceQs' 3D replays to provide more advanced post-race analysis.  This powerful tool helps to determine the cascade of small failures that leads to a mistake like hitting the mark.  Also, we breakdown the number of penalty turns required for breaking the rules while rounding a mark. A penalty turn no longer has to be a 360 degree maneuver.  All you need is one tack, and one gybe.  It is perfectly legal to re-round the mark as a penalty turn, although it is not necessary unless you slid underneath the mark when you hit it. Also, it's important to note that two consecutive penalty turns must be made in the same direction.   Learn more in this five minute overview.

1 response to 10 – Hitting the Mark: Avoidance and Recovery

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