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    Your podcast describes the app running on a Pebble.

    The Watch App home page only indicates that it runs on Garmin’s Videoactive HR device.

    Can you tell me whether it runs on both, and if not, which one is supported at this point ?


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    Yes, we apologize for the confusion, but events have overtaken us and we haven’t had a chance to revise all of our information.

    The raceQs smart watch app started life on the Pebble smart watch, then Pebble released the Time, Round and Pebble 2, and then in December 2016, went out of production.

    In April 2017 we released the app on the Garmin Vivoactive HR and in July we also released it for the Garmin Quatix 5 and fenix 5.

    As long as the Pebble app store remains in operation (entirely out of our hands), the app will continue to run on all Pebble watches except the Round. but it will have no further upgrades, or fixes. All of our development efforts are now directed to Garmin product line.

    We operate entirely independently of Pebble and Garmin, so have to “bend with the wind”.

    The app is still in Beta testing, meaning we continue to frequently update the code and that unfortunately results in the app often differing from the support documentation.

    Again, apologies for the confusion, but sometimes life is just like that.




    Thanks a lot Alan.

    Can you tell me if there’s a list of features and functions that currently work, and ones that are next up for release ?

    And…. will this functionality be added to the iPhone app ?

    Thanks again.



    Have you looked at the user guide on the home page (raceqs.com/smart-watch) ? It covers most of the functionality, and we will be adding to it as we progress.

    The future? Traditionally we software developers don’t give away too much before it’s ready, mainly because we don’t know what is possible till it’s done, we don’t want to promise more than we can deliver and we don’t want to give away our good ideas before we’ve completed them!

    We would love to hear any suggestions for improvements.

    As to adding this functionality to the iPhone app: the whole thrust of the watch app is that it doesn’t need a phone to operate, so retro-fitting it to the phone app doesn’t seem to be a productive use of our resources.



    First of all, LOVE RaceQs.  Keep up the fabulous work.

    Quick question regarding support for Garmin’s Quatix 5/Fenix 5:  I understand those are currently NOT supported due to issues with Garmin firmware.  Any idea/ETA for when that Garmin firmware update might come, and support will be reinstated?




    Nope. Garmin remains tight-lipped on all questions of timescales. Sorry.


    Got it. Thanks, Alan.


    Hi I have a Garmin EPIX

    these are supported via Connect IQ but i Cant see RaceQ

    Can you assist


    Hi Alan:

    I know you guys are no longer supporting new development on Garmin wearables for the RaceQS app, but I was wondering – Garmin recently dropped a pretty substantial firmware update for their Fenix/Quatix watches.  Any chance that your Garmin-platform app might now work again on those watches?  I own one and am a big fan of RaceQS… would love to be able to run the app on my Fenix 5.




    Hi Alan,

    The previous post says that you will not be supporting new development on Garmin wearables for the RaceQs app.

    That is the first I’ve heard of ending development for Garmin wearables.

    Can you tell me just what that means for the wearable RaceQs app ?

    Are you moving to a different wearable platfrom ?

    Is the current app to be considered frozen at this point ?



    Apologies in advance if I’m mistaken regarding continued RaceQS for the Garmin platform.  I could’ve sworn that I read that somewhere, but now I can’t find the reference.

    Alan, I did not mean to put words in your mouth, and again, apologies for causing any confusion!  As a Garmin Fenix user, I would love to see continued support for the Garmin platform, and expansion of supported devices.





    Yes, unfortunately Garmin turned out to be a disappointment so we have turned our attention to Apple Watch. We put a post on Facebook in November, and I have just re-posted it in this forum under Pebble App (Beta)  RaceQs on Vivoactive.




    You are correct, as you will read above, further development on the Garmin platform has been suspended.

    At the moment I’m afraid I don’t have the resources to direct to testing on the F5/Q5 platform, but I would be interested in the details of the recent upgrade – specifically if there has been a fix to the bug that caused the menu button to operate incorrectly within an app. Instead of triggering the menu in the app, it would trigger the system menu, which really messed with our app.



    Thank you, Alan.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve just confirmed the current behavior of the “Up/Menu” button on my own personal Fenix 5 (middle button on the left side of the watch), testing it within an app, as well as from the watch face/default watch screen.  It behaves as follows, which I hope is what you would expect is the “fixed” or correct behavior.

    Within an app:

    • short-press: UP within an app.
    • long-press: Brings up MENU within that same app (did NOT bring up the Garmin system menu).

    The only time I could get a long-press of the UP/Menu button to bring up the system menu was when the watch was in “watch face” mode, NOT running an app.

    If you are able to somehow make the legacy Garmin app available for the Fenix 5 again, I’d be 1) incredibly grateful, and 2) happy to help with beta testing or feedback of any kind.

    Oh, and I would also NOT expect any continued support or help with bugs, given that you’ve already stated you’re moving away from the Garmin platform.

    Thanks again for the excellent resource/platform that RaceQS provides!




    Does anyone know if raceQs sailing tactics racing watch app still works on the vivoactive HR.   I use RaceQS all the time on my Android and really want the watch functionality.   I will not buy apple anything.   It looks like I can still get an HR on amazon.  Any thoughts???
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    Yes, it certainly does. We have returned to the Garmin platform, so look for raceQs on the Garmin App Store.

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