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    The links on this website also don’t work for the Apple version App

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    I have been having the same problem.  I lost my phone in the river and when I went to download the app to the new phone the app was no longer available in the Apple store (USA).




    Ditto here.  IOS app has been unavailable in the app store for at least the past week.  (Exact message after clicking on the button on RaceQs home page: “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.”)



    1:15 PM EDT on Saturday 8/13: same, still unavailable in US App Store.

    I’ve wondered where the revenue opportunity is for this venture…this isn’t the end, is it??


    I hope it’s not the end.  We have 6-8 boats using it every week and it’s a great tool.  If it’s a revenue issue, then I would have no problem for a nominal fee to download the app.  The Android app is still available, just not the apple app.


    Same issue this weekend..  One new boat only had an iPhone and could not record their races.  Another new boat was able to participate with an Android.  Please re-submit it to the Apple App Store.  Thanks!


    I checked this morning and the RaceQs app is back on the App Store.  Yay!


    Thank you David Lovy, great news


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