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    I recorded an event while sailing in Italy. When I pressed upload on the phone it said ‘uploaded’.
    But it is nowhere to be seen on my RaceQS website login.
    Can it be retrieved? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Just had the same problem during a test sail in my home harbor. Had a complete track on my phone, pressed upload, message said uploaded 100%. But it never got to my journal. Help.



    I can see one track from Italy in your journal.
    Have the issue been resolved?
    If not, what was the date?


    Just for the record, Alan had an issue with anonymous track:

    “…confusion was caused by our logic of anonymous track handling. Initially, the track was uploaded as anonymous. Than the app proposed you to login and the track moved to your journal. In between you have checked your journal and found nothing.

    We may need to re-design this part.”


    I have the same issue.
    The app said ‘uploaded 100%’ but I don’t see it in my journal. not sure what went wrong.



    Hi bas,

    In order to retrieve a track that was not uploaded to a specific account, sign into an account on the phone that recorded the track and record any new track. This will upload both the dummy track and the track to which you are referring and make it available on the journal of your account.


    Was wondering where the console went ? I hadn’t used it in awhile  but I went to to replay my last sail and there was no speed etc????


    Did you ever find it. I can’t either.


    Check the “What’s New” section of the forum for a detailed explanation of the new console, which raceQs calls the “dashboard”.  There is also a new help video coming out soon that walks you through the new overlay. All of the old functionality is till there.

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