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    Scientists have found clues about this for a while now. pgslot168 First, there are patients who have recovered from the Covid-19 infection. But they have no immunity against the virus at all In this case with a large number of patients

    From then, it was found that many patients developed immunity or antibodies. Lost this immunity again in a period of 2-3 months

    Simply put, even though immunoglobulins can help track down the epidemic of Covid-19, they may not play a role in building immunity as we once thought.

    If we want long-term protection Seems to have to come from other means

    Although the world is full of immunity But researchers are beginning to realize that May have another form of immunity Which in some cases is hidden in the human body without being detected for many years

    A mysterious white blood cell Is playing an increasingly important role Although before there was not much talk about it But we may need to use it in the fight against Covid-19. This is the most important time for T-cells.

    When researchers examined blood samples collected many years before the outbreak of Covid-19 They found T-cells. Which is modified to be unique in detecting the protein on the body of a new species of corona virus

    T-cell is a type of immune cell. It has the primary function of finding infected cells or germs and eliminating them. They do this by using proteins on their surface to bind to proteins on the surface of foreign bodies.

    Each T-cell Very specific The proteins on the surface of T-cells may have millions of millions Each type will remember different goals.

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