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    I have had trouble with Google Earth panning and zooming and tilting when not intended.  It makes mark placement difficult.  Would much rather work in a 2D disply like Google Maps Satellite view.  Is there a way to achieve that?  If not can you put int on your list of requested features.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. We do have this in queue. Not a high priority, though.


    Thanks,  An even better suggestion is rather than Google Satalite image use NOAA charts.  Most sailors like charts :)

    It would actually be useful because depth information is useful when analyzing the effects of current in your race.


    This is already possible, the 2d view. Click on the icon as shown in the attached immage.


    I agree that NOAA would be a good option. Openseamap would be a good solution for it since it has an open API. Though, for non-sailing spectators the google earth is more valuable.


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    I use that icon every time.  It is just an orthogonal view of the 3d rendering.  You can see that when things are off center.  For instance the mark labels are often hidden by the mark symbol


    On weaker computers, the 3D view make playback lagging. In my opinion, the 3D view is also less useable for analytics.


    I’m also for a 2D view. And nautical charts would indeed be very cool and usefull to some extend.

    Maybe the you can implement the free API from Navionics: http://webapiv2.navionics.com/

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