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    After several attempts I have still not been able to get a video to be recognized and synced with the replay.  As far as I can tell, the time and date are set correctly on my camera.  When I view the properties of the file in Windows, it shows the correct “created” time (18:47:06 on my latest attempt).  However, in the RaceQs replayer, this file is shown with a time 3 hours later, 21:47:06 and suggests that I use the “video offset” button to adjust.  Is that referring to the yellow slider on the time line?  If so, I cannot adjust the time more than the length of the race, which was just 1 hour.

    The Replayer shows my local time correctly at -4.0 hours and this is also set correctly in my camera.

    This should not be so difficult.  Just let me point to the correct file and start the video at the start of the replay, with the ability to adjust from there.

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    I’m also having issues with this.


    In fact, I’m having issues with all aspects of Geovids.  Such potential but every time I try to use it, it’s an exercise in total frustration.  Have tried three different browsers and always get inconsistent results, including:


    1) Video detected but doesn’t show at all

    2) Video detected but I’m told it’s the wrong time and that I need to use offset.  If I try this, the video doesn’t show

    3) Once in a while the video shows but there’s no sound


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