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    Kind folks at RaceQs set up a regatta page for us.  Perhaps it was something I did when I created the dates but when I try to replay our race from last week using the links on the regatta page the timeline represents many days worth of time.  I think this is likely the reason the tracks of boats are all very jagged, only updating every minute or so of travel time and looking like jagged connect the dots tracks.  Also even though the course set up looks correct, none of the mark roundings, start or finish appear on the timeline.  No tacks or jibes appear and analytics are not available.

    The same race replays fine and all works well on a link from my journal that is not tied to the event created on the regatta page.

    I only recorded my track from about 1 hr before our start to 1 hr after our start.  After uploading I trimmed this to a few minutes before the start to a few after our finish.  My tack on the link from the regatta page includes my location long after I left the boat, including overnight at my house….

    I can not find anyway to trim the timeline in the replay mode linked from the regatta page or in any other way.

    The net effect of this is the regatta page is not useful for playback.  The whole reason to get it set up was to promote the use of RaceQs in our fleet.  This poor playback is only going to discourage foldks.

    Our next race is Tuesday June 7.  Hope this can be resolved by then.

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    When requesting a regatta, click on “Add other day” In this way on the regatta page the user can select the different days. Furthermore, when you add a race course with a proper start and finish, the timeline is automatically cut to the length to which all boats have finished.


    Pretty sure that is what I did.  Look here http://raceqs.com/regattas/51957

    Play the May 31 Class B Race to see what I mean.

    I created 20 separate dates.


    hmmm, I just checked it and it looked a lot better than a few days ago.  Maybe someone from RaceQs helped fix something about it.



    To be clear, I’m a fellow user of raceQs. I see nog problem in the May 31 Class B race. Automatically, half an hour of replay is added from the first finishers.

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