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    I have a challenge with the time zone and I hope that you can give me a hint how to do it right.

    It is concerning regattas configured in id 49599.

    The regattas are started at 19:00:00 but the time is actually 20:00:00 danish time (UTC+1)

    (see Screenshot 1215. It is taken at 12:15:00 Danish local time)

    (see Race date May 4th Available Marks and Race Course.jpg)

    I know that I could change the time to start at 18:00:00 but it would make some confusion for the competitors that want to view their tactics and performance.

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    Summer danish time is UTC+2


    [19:00 +1] – [12:15 +2] = [07:45]

    It looks like when you requested the regatta page the system failed to get timezone info and used time offset from your computer (which was UTC+1 at the time).

    I’ve updated all the events to UTC+2. Please check if everything looks good now.

    Although, we are still to find the root cause of the issue.




    Hi and thanks. My concern is now gone and time settings are correct.

    It Will be interesting to hear what  actually caused the problem.

    Regards Tommi


    I have the same issue with races set in the Toronto Canada timezone


    here also the same problem is in 2016; is the root-cause still not found?

    tracks recorded on Android  RaceQs with setting local-time = GMT+2.00 (middle european summertime = Netherlands). Start race localtime at 19:30 = gmt 17:30, while displays shows all happening at 18:30:xx with at the bottom right the note “local +1:00″

    How to get this correctly setup??

    Links to an example:


    Thanks for a reply.



    More to this problem: the original trackdata before uploading is correct:

    Osprey 2019-05-15 19:08:56.262 +02:00 8.4 meters 1961 a3.1
    2019-05-15 19:08:57.955 +02:00,51.650538,4.380555,5,174,-36,-7,,,
    2019-05-15 19:08:59.943 +02:00,51.650590,4.380522,4,191,-33,-9,,,
    2019-05-15 19:09:02.255 +02:00,51.650592,4.380477,3,201,-33,-8,,,

    i.e.  local-time is correct and defined as ” +2:00″  in the track.csv.

    Replay in webbrouwser show “local +1:00″ which causes the difference of one hour too early which cannot be correctly configured -at least nothing found to do so-




    further to the problem analysis: the official timezone in the Netherlands is UTC+1, but due to DaylightSaving Time it’s actually UTC+2 as recorded in the track.


    Got it: corrected in Windows DayLightSaving time settings, deleted / reuploaded track and all seems fine. No help needed anymore.


    Same problem with all races for Aasgaardstrand Seilforening Tirsdagsregatta and Two Star and Klubbmesterskap, and probably all Norway races which was setup before summer time change in April. Can you please correct it for me as well.
    Tore Mørck


    Dear Tore, just for info. I had to do the correction myself after i changed the daylight-saving time to auto in Windows. That was simple, delete the complete track and thereby the race-definition i made myself. After re-uploading the track, adding Racenames, marks etc. again, all was fine, but also for another persons having the same problem with the same race.

    The real problem is still in RaceQs. This timezone issue is only relevant for “international” races, but impacts also “local-time” races (e.g. club-races).

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