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    What is the source of time used in the app?    It seems in our fleet that different phones are not synced better than about 30 secs or so.   This leads to faulty replays in which the relative positions of the boats in the fleet is not correct.    How do we get all the phones to use the same time?

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    The app use the phone clock as the source of time. If the clock is off the track replay will be ahead or behind comparing to other boats in the fleet.   To avoid this problem the phone settings needs to be set to “enforce” correct clock time within a phone:

    iOS: Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically ON.

    Android: Settings -> Date & Time -> Automatic Date & Time ON.

    The latest version of the app will prompt the user if the phone time does not match GPS time. Please make sure you and your fleet have the latest version of the app.



    I have been having this problem with another boat.  We have been using the app for a few months now but the last few weeks, the tracks are out of sync.   The other boat is consistently tracking about 40 seconds ahead of mine, at points when we were dead even on the race course, (crosses, etc).

    Both using android phones, auto date and time.

    Is there a way to manually time shift these tracks so the replays match?

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