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    Suggestions for making money For those who like to pgslot168 use Facebook Selling goods via Facebook This idea may help make selling products easier. By contacting cheap sources of products such as Ban Mo, Bobae, Pratunam, etc. to talk to the store to request a broker. Some stores are members. Will be able to buy at a special price




    How is the trade?

    1. The sales model is through the internet. Like opening a Facebook page To sell specialty products, such as Fige sells Bluetooth speakers. Some people do not have stock products in the store Or don’t even have a storefront

    2. Finding products Product images Some people will contact these stores, such as Ban Thom, Khlong Thom, as well as contacting people to run products and deliver products to customers. Waiting for the order Or contacting customers only


    3. When customers transfer money to Will transfer to the shop that contacted Along with the shop or to hire people to work in that area Deliver goods again




    This form of work There will be some people who accept freelance jobs Responsible for delivering the goods to buy the products that the author had encountered, will be the person who ran for the spare parts If any shop needs any type of spare parts, then call to order a short time and will bring spare parts for you. Plus an additional price Payers are customers now, there are people who accept jobs like this as well. Search services, find products and deliver to customers as needed Which will reduce the work of the seller By selling via Facebook only

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