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    I have an issue with tacks not being shown either on the map with the “T” icon or in the timeline below.

    See attached picture.  There are two tacks missing here.  One is obvious and the other occurred right at the end of the track as I had just tacked.

    Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

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    I think it’s a glitch.  I’ve seen it before where the tacks/jibes don’t display for a particular leg.  Sometimes, changing the view from say match to course causes them to appear.


    Click on grove analysis tool for the T on the track to appear.

    The tacks only can be detected if you have a grove line before and after the tack, any tack immediately after a start or just before the WW markwill not be detected since there is not enough room to develop a stable course.



    I’d sure like to see the tacks recorded as a function of “change of heading” rather than tied to the “groove”.

    When you have a tacking dual or even in a place where the wind is really flukey, I don’t get a “groove” on my cat.  In the case of a dual, it would be great to see the tack info, but it can happen too fast to develop a groove prior to the next tack.


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