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    Hi Alan,

    I used the app on the water again last night. The key thing that I missed out on was being able to see tack analysis, and to know if/when the app recognized a tack. A buzz alert would be a big help so I know when tack analysis is displayed. Personally, I’d like the analysis to stay visible longer as well… even 10 seconds vs 5 would be a help.


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    Not sure why you’re not getting the vibration on the Tack Analysis – the app does generate one.

    Is your alert vibration disabled?

    Menu (long right-button press from watch screen) ->Settings->System->Vibration: On and set to High)

    Duration for display is a thorny issue – too long annoys some, too brief annoys others! It needs a User Control, which is in the #TODO list.

    Meanwhile, you can review your tacks in the bar when you upload your track to raceQs replay.



    I get the other vibration alerts… 90 seconds to mark etc, so the vibration alerts are on in the system settings.

    I do on the water coaching to tune-up teams, so being able to look at tack performance while we are on the water would be a nice metric. When I did the walk-around-the-neighborhood training exercise I was watching the face of the watch quite a lot, and saw the “tack” reports appear, but there was no vibration…. and there was a vibration alert for 90 seconds to the mark, and for the layline alerts.


    Hmmm, that’s odd. I just tested on a walk around the block. The Tack Analysis alert definitely generated a vibration. Could you confirm with another test please?



    Shall do, either tonight or tomorrow.

    I’ll get back to you.


    Yes, please do. I raced today and did receive a vibration with the Tack Analysis report.



    I just did another walking test, and yes, it buzzes when it recognizes a tack.

    That said, the display time is so short that when it buzzes and I turn my attention to the watch, I might catch the last moments of the display and can’t get numbers from that in some cases.

    Also, it seems to miss tacks fairly frequently, so it’s possible that when I was sailing last it simply wasn’t recognizing tacks.

    I’ll keep experimenting.

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