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    I’m replaying on the Race Q website from my computer. Can someone explain the starts, waypoints, and routes function. I seem to have created a start in the middle of my upwind leg. How do you delete??

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    To edit marks, you must PAUSE the replay.


    How to you adjust the start time for a scheduled start? We scheduled two races for a day and the second race started earlier than the posted start time. When we now view the second race, the fleet is halfway up the first leg.


    to adjust the time of the start, click on the edit button to the left of the start time in the setup tab in the bottom right hand corner. A pop up menu will appear that will allow you to designate the actual start time.


    What if there’s no start or finish options allowed? I see nothing like that on the replay. I entered the name of an event, but all I see is “unknown regatta” I cant change it. There’s no way to enter any marks at all.


    I can’t find any options to edit either. Can someone help?


    Hey there RaceQs team… I love the podcasts, and I’ve downloaded the app for my iphone.  I’ve recorded my first race, and the timing was perfect, since there was a rules situation that was able to be shown clearly using the data recorded on my boat.


    I seem to have the same problem as the guys above… I cannot see any “edit” or “settings” tab for my race replay which would allow for me to edit the start line and marks.  Can you please help?  I’m using Chrome on a Windows 8 computer.



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    I haven’t had any luck editing a race course using the new Cesium version of the replayer, but the original GoogleEarth version works.

    Load up the race and then click the chevron on the left side of the screen to open the menus.  Choose the crossed flags icon at the bottom to set up your regatta and race course.


    Please watch our tutorials on the setting up the virtual courses.  http://raceqs.com/tutorials/setting-up-virtual-courses/


    Please click on “Feedback” option and send us a print screen when there is no set up panel. Be aware that world / national level championship we do disable the panel and the set up is done by the authorized personnel.


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