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    My boat name is Epiphany, I entered epiphany (lowercase) in RaceQs when I started using it last year.  There is another Epiphany in my fleet that started using RaceQs this season.  They entered their boat name Epiphany (title case).  When I logged in this morning “My Boats” only showed the other Epiphany.  I created a new boat with my data all over again but want to know what happened to my original boat.

    Can other people edit your boat information?

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    Two boats with the same name in the same fleet?

    The system thought this is very unlikely and “merged” them into one.

    Please consider using different names to distinguish them for people and the system.


    Yes two boats same name same fleet.  Not that unlikely, see it all the time.   Hopefully adding the sail number to the name of each boat will prevent them from getting merged.

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