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    How do you set wind direction in a segment? What if wind direction changes during a segment? When I try to click on map data the time slider covers that button and it can’t be accessed. Is there any where that I can find good instruction on how to set the parameters for each esgment?

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    I don’t think you can. Unless you Mount the phone before you start.

    To do this you have to put the phone in a horizontal location on the parallel to centre line of the boat.

    In the phone App see Settings;Roll,Pitch,Yaw

    From another Raceqs post on LinkedIn
    1) Wind direction. The app uses a rule based algorithm which assesses the likely wind direction based on the tacking / gybing angles and course shifts on close hauled POS (likely headers and footers). Estimated margin of error is about 3 – 5 degrees in the single boat mode and 1 degree with 5 or more boats are on the race course. This method of calculating VMG although not exact, incorporates the current impact and is more accurate than VMG toward wind without adjustment for the current.


    Hi Geoff,

    If the wind direction changes during a segment, the algorithm should adjust the system to display the change. If it does not, you can split up the segment into sub-segments by using gates. To change the wind direction of a segment of subsegment, click on the starting mark or gate of that segment and adjust the wind angle.

    We will soon be releasing a tutorial that explains this process.



    For setting the Wind direction, a heading tool  would be helpful to define wind direction.

    Having such a tool we could for example easely check the first beat heading, or define a wind heading

    This tool, like Google distance and heading, would also be usefull for checking tack/gibe angle or any other angle like startline bias.






    There is a way to measure your heeding in raceQs just click on the groove line (make sure Groove analysis is on) and you will see the heading for the selected segment. Click on (T) and you will see the tacking angle and other tacking data.


    About wind direction.
    What if you are on a offshorerace with a “run-start” or just a start off the beat.
    Is it possible to adjust the wind direction here?

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