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    Hi Alan,

    I’d like to understand my options for setting and adjusting the app’s understanding of wind direction.

    What I understand so far is:

    1) Immediately after the start, after some stable sailing, the app assumes you’re on Stbd, and sets the wind at 45 degrees to the stable course you’ve been on…. again, assuming you’re on Stbd.

    2) You can set the wind direction manually using a compass display.

    Are there any other ways to set or adjust the app’s understanding of TWD ?

    There are 2 issues here for me.

    1) My typical race does not start on a line that’s square to the wind, and does not start on a starboard tack close hauled course. After sailing a while, we end up on a close hauled course, but starting on Port tack (going out a channel). So…. I need some other mechanism for setting the TWD.

    2) As the race proceeds, is there some way to alter the TWD to match changes in wind direction, or make corrections to the TWD being used ?


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    There sure is.

    The wind icon on any of the dashboard screens or the “Set Wind” button on Perfect Start opens a “compass rose” with the touch screen divided into eight segments with the current TWD displayed in the center and the currently selected TWD’s segment highlighted in the rose. Tap on a segment and it will set the TWD to that direction after a confirmation prompt. This will give you a TWD of onre of the 8 cardinal directions (N, NE, E,SE, S, SW, W, NW). Once set the app will detect when it’s upwind and will adjust the TWD after each tack depending on your stable course before and after the tack, and your tacking angle in the tack.

    For a finer adjustment, long-tap the screen and the compass rose will rotate to orient its N to Magnetic north. Rotate the watch till it’s pointing into the wind (Ling axis into the wind) and tap the screen (anywhere) and it will set the TWD to the current orientation of the watch (which is displayed in the centre), again after a confirmation prompt.

    Give it a go.



    Thanks Alan,

    I’ve played with setting TWD using the compass rose, and using the long-tap. I also thought I noticed TWD being changed but didn’t look too far into that (this was all walking around my neighborhood). I’ll work with that some more.

    Thanks again.




    Hello again,

    I did some experimenting with the app on the water yesterday, and have a few more questions.

    I set the wind direction manually to NW to give it a starting point. At some point, probably after a few tacks, I checked the indicated direction, and it had changed. That said, it’s not clear to me what conditions the app requires to determine that the boat has tacked, to provide tack analysis, and to update it’s understanding of TWD.

    – does the app have to think it’s “racing” ?

    – how close to the correct wind direction does manually set direction have to be for the app to recognize a tack ?

    – I didn’t notice any alert about a tack analysis being available, so I never saw a tack analysis appear…. so without a vibration alert, I would have to stare at the watch after a tack in order to see an analysis (the only indication that the app recognized a tack) to know if it recognized a tack, and to see the tack statistics. A vibrate alert would be a nice addition, as well as a longer display of tack stats, or displaying stats until you swipe that report away.

    – Twice while we were sailing I glanced at the watch and saw a screen that showed only IQ! The only way to exit that screen was to back out of the app. The watch was well charged (about 75% that evening after the sail), so it wasn’t a battery issue. I’ve looked at the owner’s manual for the Vivoactive and don’t see any description of that screen / indication. Can you tell me what was going on there, and how to keep it from happening ?

    – The app seems to save some state when you exit the app, even things like racing state seem to be saved and re-loaded when you restart the app. Can you tell me what is saved / restored, and what is lost and has to be re-done when the app is restarted ?





    Hi Jeff.

    I will address your questions about how the app works in the documentation since they are areas that do need to be explained and that way they will be more accessible to all. I’ll post a link to them here in the next day or so. Thanks for the nudge.

    Meanwhile I’m desperate to get as much info as I can about the crashes (when the screen goes to IQ!) as there are a number of folks reporting this but I can’t replicate the crash. And if I can’t replicate it I can’t fix it! I need to collect as much data as I can to track it down.

    Can you remember roughly how long after starting the app it crashed – 10 mins, 30 mins , an hour…?.

    Could you send me the crash log please? Connect the watch to your PC by the USB charging cable. When the PC has recognized the device and navigate to the /GARMIN/APPS/LOGS folder on the watch.

    The crash log is CIQ_LOG.txt. Could you attach it to your reply here and then delete the file (it will be automatically recreated on the next crash) .

    Many thanks.


    Hey Alan,

    I’m guessing about the time the app had been running, but best guess was around an hour. After restarting it, it crashed again, 2 more times according to the log. I was navigating to a mark and I had set the wind direction in hopes of seeing the app determine TWD from a few tacks.

    The log file is attached.




    I got an upload error after attaching the log file.

    Here’s the text from the file, formatted for readability:


    ERROR: System Error

    DETAILS: Failed invoking <symbol>

    STORE_ID: d76bf3e20924470eb86b62f372ecc0ae


    @PC = 0x10008316

    @PC = 0x1000741b


    ERROR: File Not Found Error

    DETAILS: Failed invoking <symbol>

    STORE_ID: d76bf3e20924470eb86b62f372ecc0ae


    @PC = 0x30002638

    @PC = 0x30002448

    @PC = 0x1000ec96

    @PC = 0x10004a0d


    ERROR: System Error

    DETAILS: Failed invoking <symbol>

    STORE_ID: d76bf3e20924470eb86b62f372ecc0ae


    @PC = 0x100011d7



    Yes, looks like a forum issue. Thanks for the post, very informative, there’s a pattern emerging.



    Re the Tack Analysis dwell: leaving it up till it’s swiped away? We’ve been round that loop a couple of times and have settled on a 5-second display so as not to interrupt the tactician! Maybe an future enhancement to provide a User Setting.



    Check the updated FAQs in the User Manual


    Shall do. Thanks

    I completely understand about how, and how long to display tack statistics as well as other display issues. There will be no shortage of opinions :-)



    Exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful.



    Hi Alan,

    If I set the wind direction, then manually initiate “racing”, will the app then provide tack analysis and update it’s idea of TWD, regardless of which tack I begin on ?

    If that’s not a sequence that works to get the app to start tack reporting and TWD adjustment, can you tell me what sequence I should try ?




    One year ater … sorry for this delay but I begin to use raceQs on VA-HR just a couple of weeks ago.

    And I get the iQ! crash twice always after 1h30 of use. That happened in all training on water , just 2 til now. Seem costant. Is there any fix or walkaround discovered in the past last year? On facebook page, a messages claimed that is a Garmin OS problem and it will be fixed. News about that?

    My Garmin OS ver. 4.40

    App Log:

    ERROR: Out Of Memory Error

    DETAILS: Failed invoking <symbol>

    STORE_ID: d76bf3e20924470eb86b62f372ecc0ae


    @PC = 0x100084c8

    @PC = 0x1000782f


    ERROR: Out Of Memory Error

    DETAILS: Failed invoking <symbol>

    STORE_ID: d76bf3e20924470eb86b62f372ecc0ae


    @PC = 0x1000914a

    @PC = 0x1000782f




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