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    I have been using this great app since last season and it has worked fine. I tried it yesterday and two things happened: the first is that I have no numerals for the hours (only minutes appear) and so I had to do a manual start before leaving shore and secondly, the app shutdown about 10 minutes after the start and I had all the correct settings not to allow auto shutoff and the battery was fully charged. I am using an iPhone 5s. Back home I have deleted the version and reinstalled (both were the latest version) and now I have seen that the numerals are still hidden (I can hear the clicks when it rolls over the numerals but I can’t see them . Very disappointing.


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    We are in the process to upgrade the app for iOS 9 which change a few things in the code.  We expect to release an upgraded version shortly.


    Ditto on not being able to see the “hour” number on the iPhone.  When do you expect the new release?  How do we get that?



    Really enjoy the app. Any more info about an update so that we can see the time for the preset starts?



    Still waiting for that update and I posted that on Oct 11 and now it is Dec 9. Now I can’t get the app to feed the track I recorded last Saturday. It says it recorded something and has uploaded but I don’t see it on the website. About to give up on this app that started out so good but now it is failing on this Mac version. What a pity!


    Any progress on correcting this issue for the iPhone?


    If you update to iOS 9.2, the problem is solved.


    Thanks Mark, downloading now…


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