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    I am attempting to trim off the irrelevant parts of the race track. I create a segment which is the portion of the track after finishing. I then delete that segment. When the screen refreshes the original track and the segments are gone.

    This has happened twice. I reckon I’m doing something wrong.

    Is there any way I can retrieve original tracks?

    How does one go about trimming segments from a track?

    Is there a tutorial on this. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to trim tracks by segments, though we are considering the addition of this feature.


    Looks like you have deleted the whole track instead of just a segment (wrong button).

    We’ve changed interface a bit to be clearer on this.

    Lost track can be re-uploaded from the phone.

    Currently, segment deletion does NOT lead to deletion of the corresponding track part. Track can only be deleted as a whole.

    A segment just “highlights” an interesting part of a track and makes it playable.

    In your case just narrow the segment so it doesn’t contain irrelevant parts.



    Thanks to RaceQ’s support team!

    Attaced file is a Support response on how to retrieve a track from your phone:


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