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    What’s the meaning of the rQ index?


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    rQ index represents the quality of the steering on each leg or the race overall. The higher the index the better job the helmsman and the trimming crew is doing to keep the boat sailing strait. The average range of the index upwind for a good Corinthian team between 70-85 and for professional sailors 85 – 95. The index will be higher on the reach and downwind as it is much easier to keep the boat sailing strait on these points of sail. The index will not be affected by smaller and proper course correction – changing the gears or sailing the waves.

    The index does not always indicate a better boat, since many boats who don’t point well (footing too much) will demonstrate high index but suffer a lower VMG. The art of sailing upwind is to sail sufficiently high looking for the best VMG without changing the course too much. If the index is too low it is usually due:

    – excessive rudder movement and / or
    – incorrect sail trim.




    Is this index affected by wind changes directions during a leg?






    Now that we’re starting to get more boats in our club to use raceQs, I’m noticing in the replays, that most of the other boats are not showing a value for rQ index. Is there a reason for this?




    Hi Joe,

    I’ve been noticing the same thing.

    It used to be that you’d see an rQ index value for both boats in the Analytics view.

    For some time now, I’ve only been getting a value for my boat.

    I ran a test by creating a seconds account, uploading a track from another boat, and viewing the replay of a race from that account.

    What I found is that I get a rQ Index value on the boat that I uploaded the track for, but no other boats show an rQ Index when they are selected in the Analytics view.

    That looks like a bug that was not always there.

    I hope someone at RaceQs is listening and decides to fix that.

    The two screen shots that are attached were taken from the same race but viewing through 2 separate accounts.


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