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    Hi, is there a way to place marks with lat/long info? Also, how do I delete a mark? I somehow have 3 “Start 1″ and 4 “Start 2″ items.

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    Click a mark on the map and Edit Dialog will open. Click “More..” to see and adjust coordinates. Delete button is there too.


    It would be good to be able to input fixed navigation marks so you don’t have to input them for each race. would this be possible ?


    Our club, like most, has a race chart that shows the buoys we typically use with co-ordinates. I agree with Ian, it would be great to have this in the background template for our area.


    Got it. Moving the start line seems to change the start time, and I can’t get information to save when I edit it. Do you get that, too? For instance, I get the start line close to where I want it, then edit to put in the race name and the proper start time, and when I go back in, it still has the old start time and no race name.


    RaceQs had input the fixed navigation marks for all continental US. Go to regatta setting and the marks will appear on the map. Please send us the GPS files with the “fixed Marks” for your territory and we will upload it. The file should include the name of the marks and their coordinates.


    I click on the map and do not get a “more” option.


    To edit marks you must PAUSE the replay.


    Is it possible for you to input fixed navigation marks outside US (eg. New Zealand)

    I have GPS co-ordinates for all permanent racing “special” marks in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.


    Is there someone we can look at to see how the fixed marks in the US is working?

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