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    Have had two regattas in January 2016 and my dashboard does not show heel. Also most other boats in the fleet are not showing heel either. In September 2015 the fleet replay showed heel on the dashboard. Heel seemed to be working in Sept. 2015

    I tape the iPhone to the chart desk before the start. it is selected Auto for roll, pitch,yaw. I do not use the calibration since the phone is positioned fore and aft and never had a problem last year.

    I also uninstalled the RQ app on the phone and reinstalled it.

    Anyone else have similar issue with the heel on the 3D replay and if so is there a solution?


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    It looks like we’ve introduced a bug in the latest iOS raceQs app. We’ll do our best to release a fix ASAP.


    Is there an update to when this will be corrected?


    I have noticed that the heel values are showing far less than actually experienced this year.  For instance, in my most recent race on 4-3-16, the winds were strong; on a reaching leg, the heel of Fourkeeps was over 35 degrees but the heel indication on the replay only showed 5 or 6 degrees; this is about 1/6th of what is correct.  Looking at previously recordings of my races showed correct values.


    The iPhone 5s was taped to the galley table; iPhone inclinometer readings show correctly.

    iPhone Ver 9.3.1

    RaceQs Ver i3.6.6.1300

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