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    When you login to your account, you should see the replay in your online journal. You can share the link with anyone you like, they do not need to be a raceQs’ member. We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on whether or not they think this is be best way to make replays available to friends and crew.


    I would like a link to the replay that I can paste into an email that I compose using my email client, rather than using the site’s email.


    just take it from the address bar while replaying


    I would like to be able to browse my contacts in outlook rather than looking up email addresses.
    Otherwise raceqs could remember the emails use regularly and autofill for me.



    Where is the replay control?
    I recorded and uploaded a track but there is no replay control in the webpage when I select My Journal, and there is also no menu item in the app on my phone for replay.


    Please contact support@raceqs.com for assistance if you have a specific technical question about an individual replay. Make sure to send your user name/login information, and the date of the replay in question.



    I am having problems replaying, after opening my journal and selecting the race, click on start the format opens up but with no information. My races are open to the public



    We were able to replay your last race with no issues. Please send the following information to support@raceQs.com

    – make and model of you OS and internet browser
    – print screen of the failed page


    I crew on a yacht, and we race most weeks.  The skipper (and other skippers in the regatta) often records the race, but does NOT email a link after the race.

    Is there a way to search for public races?


    There several ways you can find your replay


    – Have your skipper (or anyone who is recording the race) add your to the race crew on raceQs.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3pVrhEMNYo


    – Search by the boat name in the name box


    ask the regatta management to crate public link to the regatta and publish it on the regatta website



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