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    When i replay any track there are some “automatic” user changes that i don;t want. These may be the way you designed it but it seems like a bug to me:

    Using Chrome on MacOS Mavericks

    1) I start a replay… it comes up in “Auto” mode. I switch it to “Fleet” view (multiple sailboat icon). It has a 10 Minute track, i switch it to 3 minutes
    2) set it to play at 8x
    3) I double click the picture to zoom in, or click to drag the view window. Unexpected results: Changes to 10 Minute track, changes to boat view (single sailboat icon) I can change it back but this is either “annoying” or a bug. What is needed: save settings for short term and or save settings for preferred views.

    1) start the regatta replay from the J111 link you provided for RBBS regatta
    2) do the stuff above
    3) all kinds of boats are shown… Ohana and deception from the ORR Fleet. What is needed is a way to filter boats particularly for one design races: J111s by themselves, J105s etc. When there are a lot of boats, the fleet view gets confusing.
    4) what is also needed is a way to run fleet mode not boat on boat. It would be nice to have the labels and tracks displayed for all the boats in a fleet but not the extra ones. probably only valid in the fleet mode.

    The fleet methods of reviewing the race are very different than the individual who wants to view a race. For the Fleet owners to really sign up, we need to have it at the club after the regatta… this flying around an individual boat’s view cuts out other owners whose boat is not featured.

    Thanks for listening.

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    this forum removes line breaks. I am sorry that is so hard to read.

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