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    Many Olympic, Paralympic and other classes are following the lead of the Americas Cup series to have TV and spectator-friendly races held in a restricted area bound by virtual boundaries. This makes the racing closer and more exciting as well as making it easier to see who is leading – especially with the overlays on the TV providing real time data.

    Currently this is being created using expensive dedicated hardware which is beyond the budget of all but the most well-funded events.

    Sailing was dropped from the Paralympics because they couldn’t prove enough countries were participating. So they are introducing lower cost and more widely available “mainstream” boats like the Weta Trimaran to try to redress this and also Stadium Racing to make the event more appealing.

    But how do you practice/demonstrate stadium racing without spending thousands on expensive hardware?
    Combining RaceQs with inexpensive live streaming action cameras may provide a solution

    – Remove the 5 minute delay in location for fleet tracking so it can be displayed on a big screen or viewed on a mobile device in real time
    – Add the ability to set virtual boundaries (define mark locations like iRegatta using ping as you pass, geo coordinates, camera cross bearing, digital chart or satellite map). Automatically generate the boundaries based on the wind direction or allow manual input.
    – Provide warning of infringement and protest using phone flash/screen display and/or a Bluetooth speaker sound/light, Pebble watch alert.
    – Include automatic video stream switching as a virtual editor when significant events happen – starts, crossings, capsize, top 5, border infringement, mark rounding (allow manual switching if an editor is on hand).
    – Create an automatic greatest hits segment for social sharing

    Cameras & Mounts
    – There are already a number of 4K action cameras with streaming support including GoPro, Sony, JVC, LG, Xiaomi
    – Camera mounts are available to attach a camera virtually anywhere – an inexpensive solution for the back of the boat is to use a suction mount created from a glazers suction handle (cut in two) and an aluminium broom handle tube.

    Audio Warning/Light Warning
    You can use the speakers and flash of the phone but for more vivid display, there are a number rechargeable Bluetooth “shower” speakers with IP67 rating which also have LED lights that could be used to give an warning of rule infringement, and so you can keep the phone below deck. (e.g. Aolaifo Bluetooth Shower Waterproof Speaker)

    Phone Mount
    – Mount the phone on the mast using a RAM mount for ATVs

    Waterproof Phone Cover
    – Use iPX8 covers like Lifeproof or Dog&Bone.

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