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    Now that more people in our area are using RaceQs it has become frustrating trying get the course set up and to stay set up.  Last night there were two separate yacht clubs each holding races for multiple classes.

    I set up an event and class, marks and start time for the class I race in .  I put the two boats in my class using RaceQs in the right class and replayed the race with analysis all working.

    This morning someone else had changed everything and put out boats in the wrong class, moved the starting line etc.  Now none of then analytics work.  I had the same problem last week.

    How can I prevent other people from screwing up the course set up I do.  I hate having to fix it all every time I got to RaceQs.

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    This is really a big issue and might make using RaceQs a waste of time.  I have fixed the marks for my class 3 times now and every time I check someone else has moved them again.  Driving me nuts.  Need to be able to lock them down.


    Sorry, I figured it out.


    How did you manage to lock them out?

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