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    Three questions:

    1. I’m assuming that the app knows which direction the bow is from me based on direction of travel. If I have “bow offset” distance set correctly, should I hit the ping button when the bow is at the mark, or when I (sitting in the cockpit) am at the mark?

    2. Does it make a difference whether I ping the boat first or the pin first?

    3. If, after having pinged both ends to set the line, I re-ping one end, do I have to re-ping the other end or does it keep the previous value? For example, if the RC decides to re-set the pin after I’ve pinged it.

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    1. It doesn’t use the “Bow Offset”  when pinging the line, so position the boat to get your watch as close to the mark as possible, then ping. I usually cross the line close to each end and ping as I cross the line, after all, the length is not critical, but the bearing created from the line joining the pinged marks is.

    2. Nope, just make sure you select the correct button (I get confused as  well!)

    3. Nope – it just over-writes that one end, so you can re-set the pin after the RC has moved it.




    #1 was my main concern, since I was worried that if the app was trying to get me to the line on time that would put the front of the boat over early. Sounds like that isn’t an issue as long as I’ve got Bow Offset set correctly.

    My driver really likes the “go bars” feature–it helped us get an excellent start in our last race.

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