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    I know pebble is not meant to be supported ongoing, but I was hoping to test out the app in any case. When I installed it, it’s appearing under “unsupported apps”. Does this mean that it has been taken out of the app store?

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    Should it be compatible with the Pebble 2?


    I’m not sure where you’re seeing “unsupported Apps” on the website, but anyway… Yes since we have transferred our development efforts to the Garmin platform, we won’t be providing any further updates or enhancements to the pebble version.

    But since it was working pretty well in its last version, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t continue to run.

    And Yes, it does run on the Pebble 2.

    And yes, as long as the pebble app store is maintained, it should continue to be there.





    Thanks for the reply Alan! After rebooting both the phone and watch it now appears and I am able to launch it.

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