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    There’s a reference to a video tutorial for setting up multiple starts in this video
    <h3>”Introduction: Setting Up The Course”</h3>
    but I can’t find it and there’s nothing in the FAQs or elsewhere in help.

    Presumably you have to segment the tracks and create the start and marker bouys for each race – or is there a better way?

    For example, it would be great if you could set up the course once for the track and then when you segment it, the same course would be applied to each segment (but could be customised to account for wind shifts etc).

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    Having same/similar issue here.

    We just had a great racing afternoon, with couple of short races, but between each start we had to move marks to adjust for wind shifts.

    Our smartphones were on and tracking the whole afternoon, thus the single track upload to raceqs.

    No issues while creating 1st race, all boats visible, marks set up, wind applied, all works perfectly!

    But, I tried to ‘Create Another Start’, moved the marks for our 2nd race, but the mark movements were applied to previous start as well.

    Under ‘Course Setup’ window, is there a way to have different courses for different starts, under same ‘Regatta’.

    I know I could create another ‘Regatta’, but it would be better if app reflected the true event, that is, multiple races (starts) under same ‘Regatta’…





    Hi Robert

    I just set this up for our regatta over the weekend.  The start/finish line remained the same but the windward mark (WW1) moved a little from race to race.  I simply added another start to the regatta, then added another top mark (WW2) for races 2 & 3 & added it to the list of marks rather than WW1.  You definitely can’t move the original mark because, as you found, that affects subsequent races.



    Thanks John!

    I actually figured that out myself some time ago but forgot to update this thread.

    Yes, the key to multiple races is in ADDING the marks, start and other, not moving existing one (as RC does in reality).


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