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    When mounting the phone to the boat, the tutorial says face up, I assume this means the phone is lying flat on something like my chart table, parallel to the center line of the boat. Is that right?

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    You are correct: your phone needs to be lying on something relatively flat, and aligned parallel with the center of the boat. Make sure to hit “calibrate” in the app after you mount your phone so that it can adjust for any incline in your mount.


    Surely it doesn’t matter which way up the phone is orientated provided it’s held in a fixed position and Calibrated in that location so you have your reference point.

    As I understand it from the documentation on the iPhone (as an example), the Core Motion data from the 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes show any changes in orientation through the API. Otherwise all those driving games that require you to drive the car by tilting the phone would only work if it was upright.

    I mount my phone to the mast in a Lifeproof Case and I’d suggest that for most dinghies it wouldn’t be possible to mount the phone horizontally in the centre of the boat – unless you want to risk standing on it!


    Can someone clarify this?  I’d like pro use raceq on my ipad which would be mounted vertically  in widescreen view to the outside of the boat cabin so it can be seen from the cockpit (I also use race software)

    the he other issue with this is that currently raceq is not set up for good use on an ipad so the screen doesn’t rotate either.

    but in terms of the pitch, roll and yaw would this work or does the phone/tablet need to be lying flat?





    Hi Christopher.

    You will get some pitch and yaw data since that is recorded relative to the position of the device when you “calibrate” it  – but if the phone/tablet is not mounted in the mid-line of the boat, the data may be skewed.

    An alternative may be to run RaceQs on a phone which you can put out of the way below (next to the keel for example) for tracking and use your tablet for the race software such as iRegatta which is more optimised for tablet displays and easier to read in sunlight.




    Yes, even doing the calibration, pitch and roll are not well recorded in my case using Ipad vertically, what is not the case when I´m using the phone flat in the center!



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