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    I’ve used this app for over a year now and its great!

    Untill 4 or so weeks ago…

    Problem is the dashboard data no longer displays watching a journal replay? The only information give is SOG?

    I’ve tried google chrome, internet explorer and mozzila firefox.

    Ive got the latest update of RaceQs and selected both Auto and On “Roll, Pitch, Yaw” in the phone settings.

    I had not changed any settings or updates or other programs from previous journal recordings…

    Help! As was in the process of having this app widely used within our fleet!!




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    Thank you for pointing out. This looks like a bug. We’ll investigate further.


    I have had nothing but problems with the last two Iphone versions. Before that this worked perfectly and I got quite a few of my fellow sailors to use it  – but they all have smart phones.

    My will not track any distance only the direction I have been sailing.



    Any luck?

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