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    I recorded a track on Labor Day using the iPhone app. The track is about 2 hours long. When I replay it there is no motion data for the first ~90min then the motion data is there for the last 30min. Did I do something wrong? I used the start at time feature (very nice) and then shut it off at the end. The iPhone was below and wasn’t handled during the recording.

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    There was enormous drift there (light wind + current?). In such cases the system thinks the phone wasn’t mounted and ignores the data.

    We may need an explicit switch for motion data.


    I got the same problem. Yesterday we could see all boats (about 8 boats) usings the RaceQs, and then later last night I added a start line.

    But today I can only see two boats in the race.

    Not nice that all the boats suddenly disappear from the race. What is wrong please help?



    raceQs is designed to show only the boats in ones fleet, all other boats will be suppressed from the view. In the big fleets there is no need to completed the screen with non competitors boat. the fleet is defined as a group of boats who crossed the line within five min from the start time.

    the start time was defined incorrectly 10:31 instead of 10:30 and all the boats who started on time “disparaged” from the view. We had change the start time and it all works.

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