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    Happy Holidays!! We got you what you wanted, raceQs is now LIVE ON MOBILE DEVICES. That’s right, you can watch your 3D Replays on your Phone or Tablet anytime. This includes, during the race. Of course, we still have the five minute time delay to keep it fair.

    Login to raceqs.com on your phone or tablet and click on any replay to try it out.

    FAQ: The mobile release works on iPhones, Ipads, Ipad Pro, and most modern Androids.
    TIP: Use your mobile device with the largest screen, and fastest processor.

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    I have tried this on my iPad and both Safari and Chrome crash and exit during the initial load.  Do you recommend any specific browser?



    This is a great app and website – but unless I am missing something, there does not appear to be any way to make the video “full screen” on an iPhone – or to hide the timeline and speed/start/stop controls.


    I was hoping this feature would have matured over the winter but it’s still not working properly as far as I can see. Has anyone got this to work?


    I use a fairly new iPad PRO (with a decent amount of memory)…I have excellent internet speed at my home. My experiences are that raceQs does not run well on my device. It is rare when it doesn’t crash when I attempt to watch a replay.

    This raceQs feature is not real usable.


    All the features are feature and this phone it makes a new innovation thanks for sharing.









    Hello! thank you, I really love this app and now I have it on me iPad)


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    When will raceqs app be updated for Android 10?

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