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    One of the uses of RaceQs is for bragging rights in the bar after the event – but the max speed and average speed are only available on the website.

    It used to show the max speed when you stopped tracking but that seems to have been removed after an update.

    However, it would be more useful if you could click on a track in the list and see the max and average speed achieved along with the other stats.

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    Yes, I agree the speeds during the course were most helpful and interesting.


    1. The max speed is available in the app itself, click and hold the data filed title in the app and select the max speed for one of the data fields.

    2. The max speed is available in the 3D replay for each leg of each race. Click on the analytics tab.


    In the app, the only way you can see the max speed of a track that has already been uploaded is to replay it and go to the end.

    Could you not add it to the Track Details page – there’s quite a lot of space between the title and the data (e.g. between “DURATION” and the time in hours and “DISTANCE” and the distance travelled in nm.

    In the replay I can see the max speed for the leg while it’s playing – but my offwind legs don’t seem to be detected in the race on the link below when compared to Orca. I can see from the track that I did 14.0 knots (@57.50 min) but the replay only gives a max speed of 9.92 knots when you click on the VS.

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