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    After editing yesterday’s race into segments, the other competitors track disappeared from the playback.

    What happened? How can I get him back?

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    Eclipse, your competitor started 10 min ahead of you at 12:10. The default start line is set for one design fleet, meaning the boats who did not cross the line at same time with you will “disappear” from a replay since they are not in your fleet, and this is what happened on your replay. You “lost” Eclipse” after you set the start line.

    The easy fix (which we did) set the start time at the earlier boat crossing and change the race type to the “Reverse Pursuit”, this way you and the boat who started 10 min ahead of you will be in the same fleet and both appear in the replay.


    Thanks, the reply looks good now.. So I can do this without taking up your time, can tell me where to set the start time and where to set the type of race?


    click Start Line

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