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    The last few times I have used RaceQs after I had viewed all of the boats in the race that were that were using the app, and then put in the marks and start and finish lines, but then when I have gone back to look later some of the boats were missing. For example, last Thursday evening we had 4 boats (out of the eight in the race) that were using RaceQs and I could see them all that evening, if I now go back and view the same race, two of them are missing. Am I somehow deleting them. Other users can still see all four boats.

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    You have setup a Start and the system now tries to show you your division only – all the boats started trough the same start line in the same time (or at least that were close). “Same time” is determined by “Start Time” and “Effective Time” parameters found in Start editing dialog. Try to adjust these two.


    Thanks Alexander, but I don’t see any place on my journal page to enter the range for the start times. Can you point me to the place to find that dialog? What you say makes sense, as the boats that I lost last Thursday were the first and last boats that were running RaceQs to start in out pursuit race. That range of start times for out weekly Thursday 5 nm race is from about 18:00 to 18:20 with the usual fleet. PPHRF Ratings run from about 90 to 300. I started at 18:12:20.


    Try clicking the Start line boat or pin on the race replay, and edit the time in there, then click Save.

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