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    1. When setting mark locations on the track, as soon as you add a mark or select an existing mark the map zooms out to the full extent – making it difficult to set the mark location unless you zoom back in first. It would be better if it kept the same zoom level as you are using previously since usually you need to see the track to set the location.

    2. When setting up a mulit-lap. multi-mark race (or to analyse a practice session) you need to be able to work out where you are on the course as you replay the track (especially if a mark is missing or in the wrong location so it’s not been rounded). In course race setup mode, it would be helpful if the last mark rounded was highlighted in the Race Course list as you replayed the track so you can work out where you are in relation to the course.

    3. RaceQs can automatically create the wind direction from the track. Could it not also create the mark locations based on the track too? Obviously you’d need to be able to modify it manually but if you set the start and finish, you could hit a button “calculate course” and it could then draw the mark locations. It would get more accurate depending on the number of competitors on the same course.




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    1. I can’t reproduce this. Can you please send us a couple of screenshots (consider using “Feedback” button) illustrating the issue?


    2. Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll consider it for a future release.


    3. Thank you for the suggestion. There actually was such a function in the system, but we decided to remove it until we are able to make it more reliable. We’ll reconsider.



    Issue 1. only occurs in Firefox using the Google Earth Plugin – but I am unable to get the Webgl version to run in Firefox.

    It doesn’t occur using Chrome and Cesium – but I get a different zoom issue when clicking on the wind to try to change it (I sent a screenshot).

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