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    I have tried several things people have mentioned in this forum but am unable to see the video.  File is found but time sync is off.  Tried using the slider bar to move video offset around but can never get anything to display in either IE/Firefox.  This would be an awesome tool to use.

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    I also would like to see the video feature restored. I really liked seeing local video synced with my track!!


    Please do fix GeoVids!

    I still have the app installed on my local computer, but if your not planning on fixing it, i’ll remove it.



    I have click on the “return to classic” button bellow on the right and can’t see any vids. Black screen with a grey part on top left.
    Many thanks,


    i am having the same black screen problem


    Laurent and Mike, I was able to resolve black screen “classic view” by clearing my browser’s cookies and logging back in. My replay then worked again with google earth.

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