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    My Samsung Mini 3-Series seems to do a horrible job of logging the data. The boat jumps and stutters. When I look at the .csv data, most of the deltas between rows are 2 sec, but many are 0 sec and others range from 5 to 30 sec and more. I closed all other apps when recording the track, although I didn’t restart the phone. Have others seen this problem? The attached file shows the time deltas for 200 rows. This is for a 420 with the phone in the spi bag on a damp day.

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    The replay from my Samsung Galaxy III makes me look like I’m sailing drunk…:D

    Am I supposed to close all other apps before I start tracking?


    I switched to Samsung GT-S7580, Android 4.2.2, and the logging was rigorously at an interval of 2.0 seconds.


    The older and less expensive Android phones might have GPS data quality issue and the tracks looks very strange.  There is nothing we can do on our side since this is the hardware quality issue (antenna, gps unit and it’s software etc.)

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