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    Hi I would like to import a course file that I have saved from a track I used yesterday I have sailed the same course

    today and would like to replay it on the same course to compare them any help would be great.


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    You can export/import marks using commands under “Create Mark” menu. You’ll still need to setup a course from marks imported.



    Mike, I think what you are wanting to do is to see both day’s races as if they were two yachts sailing on the same day? Because the track data contains timestamps that include the date and the time, I’m pretty sure it’s not possible at the moment.

    If you are a “hacker”, you could download the first race track file, edit the date part of the timestamps on each track point record and upload it as a different boat. But that’s not for the faint-hearted!



    Hi Mike

    It is possible to download track in a GPX file and shift all times.

    I did same procedure by GPS track Editor.

    0. Download both tracks only one will be changed. The second is for reference.

    1. Open both tracks in “GPS track Editor” application

    2. Find a stating point in space. Both track were at similar location.

    3. calculate the time diff between tracks at that point in space.

    4. Shift time to one of track by Track | Time | Shift tool.

    5. Save corrected file

    6. Import time shifted track to RaceQs as different skipper in order to prevent overwrite your original track.


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