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    Aphthous Ulcer is a hot, swollen, red blot in the mouth. pgslot168 Can occur in all areas of the mouth Maybe cheeks The inside of the lips or tongue, the wound is yellow or white, circular or oval. The outer surface is red and swollen. Which will cause pain in the mouth In some people there may be other symptoms such as feeling unwell, fever, or pus in the mouth.

    Heat is a symptom that can be found quite often on a regular basis. Patients tend to get sick first during the young age. Found in women more than men. However, if hot symptoms are found in people aged 40 years and older are also at risk of developing oral cancer as well.

    Although the symptoms are hot, there is no danger or serious complications. But tend to cause annoyance and pain when eating or difficulty in living, including talking, brushing teeth etc.

    Causes of hot sores in

    Although it is still not possible to find the exact cause of the wound in the hot But there are many factors that can cause heat in

    Hereditary. Patients with frequent heat symptoms, about 30-40 percent found that people in the family used to be with Therefore, it is believed that hot sores are inherited.

    Injury in the mouth, such as accidentally biting one’s own mouth Irritation when hit by a toothbrush Or eat solid food Then affect the oral cavity

    Intolerance of certain chemicals in oral products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash

    Sleep less


    Drink less water

    Malnutrition If the body is lacking in certain vitamins or minerals, it can also cause symptoms such as iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12.

    Eating foods that are spicy or hot Including allergies to certain foods such as cow’s milk, chocolate, and coffee

    Oral infection Can be both bacteria and viruses It also involves the body’s immune deficiency.

    Hormonal changes, such as in women who have menstruation

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