Home Forums FAQ How to split journal up into individual races for 3d race replay?

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    I log in a full day of racing that usually involves four separate races. How do I divide them up so that I can watch them on the 3d replay and get statistics for each individual race.

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    Click on the journal event name. The resulting screen will have a slider bar at the bottom that will allow you to adjust both the start and stop for each race, or even a segment within a race. Each segment may have its own descriptive data, names and titles. This will also allow you to set up course features such as marks and S/F lines.


    After a regatta is segmented, is there a way to share just individual segments? I currently only see the link to share on the “master”, so anyone viewing it would need to view the entire recording and not be able to view just 1 segment.


    I have difficulties with that as well; I have recorded three separate tracks, and uploaded them, but they have been merged into one single event. I have segmented it into the three races of the day, but the course setting is only shown for the first race. Do I need to have the other two tracks as distinct regattas, or as divisions? I have repeated the course set-up, but to no avail…

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