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    When I place marks and S/F lines on my replay, How do I save them?
    Also, I have seen others tracks and they have multiple start choices. how do I get that option?
    Is there a help feature?
    I love this app. THANKS

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    Would like to know the solution to this also. When I create a regatta and enter course marks, including a finish line they do not save on exit. Most frustrating.

    Otherwise great app.


    The tutorial on how to set up the course will be released shortly. Before that

    – Click on the regatta set up tab in the panel (this is the farther two flag icon).
    – Provide the name for the regatta, fleet and time of the start.
    – From the pull down menu “create Mark” select marks you will need (start, rounding mark, gates, etc.)
    – Using the track as a guide drug and droop the mark to their proper location.
    – From the list of available marks ( you just created) move them into Race Course section in the necessary order. You can reuse your marks.

    There is no need to save the settings will be saved automatically.

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