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    I recorded a distance race that resulted in  uploading the track until midnight, then it uploaded a separate track from midnight until the end of the race.  How do I merge the two tracks so it displays as a single event?

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    There is no such functionality at the present time, we are working on adding this functionality in the near future.



    Second that. For some reasons my track at this race [Spinnaker Cup http://raceQs.com/event/294108 ends at 23:59. The edit window doesn’t allow to move the slider past 23:59



    Same issue for an overnight race – any tricks for merging back together


    Hi Sergey,
    any news on this topic?
    I uploaded an overnight race last July and i was splitted in two races. Any possibility to merge?



    I did an overnight race last night and the issue persists…. two tracks stored.

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