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    I recorded a test track in public mode on my phone, and when I stopped recording it asked if I wanted to upload. I said yes.
    Now I cannot find any way either on the phone to view the recording. There is no menu item on the phone and on the web page in my journal when I click on the track it just shows me a dialog box for editing the title etc.

    There is nowhere that says replay.

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    The replays are based in Google Earth, and currently Google Earth does not work on mobile devices or tablets. So, you need to log in to your account on a computer to view your replay.


    I have uploaded all my races yet I cannot view them on my lap top, I am guessing Google Chrome may have to be installed (I have Google earth and plugins installed.) Have been trying to avoid as it gave some problems previously, would this be correct?


    I have finally been able to help link to answer this question, answer being I require Google Play which is an app, so I need a program for my Lap top.

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